Privacy Policy :

Protecting privacy of our website users is everything. We ensure and have got guidelines that allow us to protect the privacy of each individual who access the contents on the website. Follow through and learn how our objective to making it shielded is more on providing seamless and satisfactory experience to our website visitors.

  • Personal Information

    At any cost, we never try or attempt to collect private information of our website users unless they fill in the website form we have got in place. Still, the security and privacy of such information is our responsibility and we keep it confidential. Personal information can read as name, phone number, email address, office or residence address.

    Given that – When you provide us with your information, we solely use it to serve you our services to the greatest degree possible. In case you need any support or answer on queries you may have, we directly take the reference and get on the job to assist you, altogether.

    Following everything – We may also contact you via email address you provided to serve you with the updates about our products and services, and if you intended not to receive them, you still have the complete rights to do so.

    Again, your personal information is always kept confidential in the nutshell; however, when it comes to fulfillment, we may use the information to have third party assist you with your request in any case possible.

  • Usage & Automatic Collection Of Data

    In order to serve you with the best satisfaction and seamless experience on our website, our server tends to receive collectable data that’s more into tracking and monitoring the usage on the website. The information that can be received is:

    • The Internet Protocol Address
    • Time & Date You Visited The Website
    • How Long Your Usage Has Been On The Website
    • The Operating System You Used To Access Contents On The Website
    • Pages You Visited
    • Any Documents Being Downloaded From The Website

    Please note – The browsing and Server Data can also be used by any third party to ensure there goes an ongoing maintenance and administration of the website for security and other purposes. However, we have also got some data protection standards that these third party vendors may have to go through to comply with our privacy policy to securing the interest of our website users. Including it, we never share your personal details with them.

  • Data Collection By Third Party

    We may have some advertisements on our website. In case you click and follow through, you may go to other websites and grant the complete permission to comply with their privacy policy. We take no liability in it. Simply, in such cases, we aren’t in charge or can control anything. So, it’s always recommended before visiting any website, do go and read through their privacy policy to secure your interest by far.

  • Cookies

    We place cookies on your computer or system hardware. It’s an only possible way to serve you with our services without fail. In fact, it provides our website users with seamless experience to get them doing what they want in the best possible manner. Please note that cookies never collect any personal information; however, they are just placed to provide you with the pathway, so you access contents of our website pretty greatly.

  • Change In Policy

    In case we change or modify any portion of our privacy policy, it is recommended that you comply to read the content before accessing the contents of the website.

  • Confirmation

    Upon visiting our website and accepting the toggle that you have read and understood what we have for in the privacy policy for the website visitors, you simply comply and state that you show an IPSO Facto Acceptance of our terms and conditions.

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